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Never visited METASTATIC BREAST CANCER Certified Random Case
Authored By: MSU Radiology, Dr. J. Bloor
History: Cough, breast cancer with known metastatic lung disease.
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Findings: Frontal and lateral views of the chest were obtained and demonstrate cardiac size, pulmonary vascularity and mediastinal structures to be normal. There has been interval development of multiple rounded, nodular densities scattered throughout both lungs, most consistent with the patients history of known metastatic breast cancer. A left sided central venous catheter is seen with its distal tip overlying the region of the superior vena cava. There has been interval right mastectomy with clips in the right axillary region and along the right chest wall. There is no pneumothorax or free air beneath the diaphragm. Osseous and soft tissue structures otherwise are unremarkable.
Diagnosis: Metastatic breast cancer.
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Case Number: 6467672Last Updated: 06/21/2013

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Anatomy: Chest   Pathology: Neoplasm
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