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Last visited 02/16/2017 AVULSION FRACTURE OF THE GREATER TROCHANTER Certified Random Case
Authored By: MSU Radiology, Kristin Booth D.O
Patient: 70 year old
History: 70 year old male with a history of left lower extremity trauma and pain.
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Findings: Two views of the left greater trochanter demonstrate irregularity of the superior portion of the greater trochanter. Fragment is difficult to visualize on the plain radiographs. CT examination of the left lower extremity demonstrates comminuted fracture of the left greater trochanter with retraction of fragment superior and medially. No additional fracture is identified. Note is made of diffuse osteopenia.
DDx: Traumatic/Stress/pathologic fracture, previous trauma, normal variant.
Diagnosis: Avulsion fracture of the Greater Trochanter.
General Discussion: An avulsion fracture is fracture of an apophysis due to the force placed on it by the musculotendinous unit. There are many sites of avulsion fracture in the pelvis, including the ASIS, AIIS, inferior pubic symphysis and ischial tuberosity. The greater trochanter is another site of avulsion fracture, resulting from forces applied by the glutei. Key diagnostic clue is identification of a displaced fragment which appears discoid or crescent shaped. A donor site can sometimes be identified as well. Treatment is conservative with healing seen in 4 weeks to 4 months.
Specific Discussion: Patient was diagnosed with comminuted fracture of the greater trochanter. No Follow-up information was available.
References: StatDX,;home. 2005-2011.
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Anatomy: Skeletal System   Pathology: Trauma
Modality: CT, Conventional RadiographAccess Level: Readable by all users
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Certified Certified by Gerald Aben on 10/13/2011