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Last visited 02/17/2017 AZYGOS FISSURE Certified Random Case
Authored By: MSU Radiology, Nicholas Starkey D.O.
History: 64 year old female with shortness of breath.
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Findings: The heart and aorta are normal in size and shape. The lungs are clear with no evidence of pulmonary infiltrate or pleural effusion. The pulmonary vascularity is unremarkable. Incidentally there is an azygos fissure with a vein at its inferior end.
DDx: Right upper lobe collapse.Scar tissue.Artifact from outside the patient.
Diagnosis: Azygos fissure and vein.
Specific Discussion: The azygos fissure and vein were an incidental finding. No cause for her shortness of breath was identified.
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Anatomy: Chest   Pathology: Normal/Variants
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