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Never visited AZYGOS FISSURE AND LOBE Certified Random Case
Authored By: MSU Radiology
History: 50 year old with chest pain.
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Fig. 1
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No acute pulmonary process. Heart upper limit of normal on this apical lordotic view. Mild elevation of right diaphragm. Curvilinear density extending from the right apex toward the right side of the mediastinum.


Diagnosis: Azygos fissure and lobe.
References: Contributed By: Dr. Thomas Tran, M.D., MSU/FAME
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Case Number: 77087Last Updated: 06/21/2013

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Anatomy: Chest   Pathology: Congenital
Modality: Conventional RadiographAccess Level: Readable by all users
Contained in: All Public Cases
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Certified Certified by Gerald Aben on 11/17/2010